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Save up to $250k with our R&D tax credit software for businesses. Just provide your information, link your systems, and receive your refund!

The Knowledge of Industry-Leading Tax Consultants Without the Price

Tax Credits are Tough Work

Let’s face it – if the R&D tax credit were easy to calculate, there wouldn’t be a need for tax credit consultants.  From the statute and regulations to case law and IRS guidelines… The law surrounding the R&D tax credit is among the most comprehensive and misunderstood areas of tax law. Experienced tax credit firms are expensive and time-consuming to work with. This is why our R&D tax credit software for accountants and tax professionals is so essential to you and your work.

Let Our Robots Do the Heavy Lifting

We’ve spent years deconstructing the process of calculating, substantiating, and defending the R&D tax credit. 

Piece-by-piece, we’ve coded advanced automation algorithms into our R&D tax credit software to solve each challenge in the claims process.  

We’ve used our own clients to test the automation, ensuring that both taxpayers that are completely new to the tax credit and taxpayers that claim the credit every year enjoy an easy and seamless user experience.

R&d Tax Credits in Less Than Half the Time!

Put the R&D tax credit process on autopilot

A process that once took a few months of back-and-forth between a taxpayer and consultant, now takes only a few hours to complete start-to-finish with our R&D tax credit software for accountants and tax professionals.

Our cloud platform is an R&D tax credit command center. Using our software you can manage the onboarding, data gathering, qualification, calculation, substantiation, and document generation for all your tax credit clients. 

Imagine being able to complete several hundred tax credit studies every year with only one to two employees managing the digital process. 

Take a Look at Some of the Businesses that Love TaxRobot

Our 100% Commitment to your Success

We understand that adopting a new system can be intimidating, and that’s why when you sign up for a TaxRobot Agency account, we’ll work with you during your onboarding process to ensure our software becomes a seamless addition to the services you provide your clients.

We whole-heartedly believe that we should only win if you win, and that’s why you are only charged when you successfully generate tax credits for your clients.”

The best part is – you’re never on your own when integrating our R&D tax credit software. 

Our team of industry-leading professionals are there to support you throughout the entire process to ensure the success of your R&D tax credit studies. 

What’s the Catch?

Act quickly – we’re only onboarding a limited number of TaxRobot Agency users each month.

We want to make sure that our time and resources are spent on the businesses that are a good fit for TaxRobot and can make the best use of our R&D tax credit software for accountants and tax professionals.

Our waitlist is currently growing and we’re reviewing applications on a rolling basis. 

Book a call with us today to claim your account and ensure you have access to the most revolutionary program to hit the tax credit market. 

Our R&D Tax Credit Software Is Unmatched In Its Simplicity

Add your Clients
Add each client to the platform using the admin panel. From the admin panel, you can monitor the progress of each tax credit study and view all information and documentation submitted throughout the process.
Import Financial Data

Import your client’s financial data into the system or enter it manually following the provided instructions.

Complete a Questionnaire

Answer a few questions regarding the type of work your client completes that qualifies for the tax credit.

Download your Documents

Download your tax credit calculation forms and substantiation report. We’ve provided everything you need to submit a successful tax credit claim.

Is TaxRobot a Good Fit for your Clients?

TaxRobot  R&D tax credit software is a great fit for your clients if they’re in the business of technical problem solving. The top industries claiming the benefit are engineering, architecture, manufacturing, software and technology; however, the R&D tax credit is very broad and can apply to anything from agriculture to apparel.

What if I have startup clients that aren’t profitable?

No worries – our platform can still help! You can do a “startup credit” calculation and claim the benefit against your client’s payroll taxes.

What about prior tax years?

TaxRobot not only computes credit calculations for the current tax year, but for all tax years that are still open for amendment.

How about state taxes?

We've got you covered there too! Our platform will deliver calculations for all jurisdictions that offer a state-level R&D tax credit.

Will my clients feel safe sharing this data with me?

The data your clients must share with you to successfully generate a tax credit can’t be used to reverse-engineer their products or processes. Ultimately, your clients will have full control over what they share.

Do I have to be an expert on tax credits before I can use your software?

No, you don't need any prior experience with tax credits to utilize our R&D tax credit software.

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