Venture Partner: a Critical Piece to Your Startup

A venture partner shaking hands with a startup founder.

Suppose you’re looking into potential venture capital (VC) sources to help support your budding startup or growing business operations. In that case, you must understand what venture partners are and what role they will ultimately play in your future business operations. But what are venture partners? And how do they impact your process of earning the funding your business needs to get off the ground?

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What is a Venture Partner, and What do They do?

In short, a venture partner is a person who a venture capital firm or institution brings on board to help them investigate, complete, advise, and manage investments. However, they’re not considered a full-fledged or permanent member of the partnership, as those individuals are typically referred to as General Partners, Managing Members, or even just partners. Many venture partners are actually retired partners who still want to conduct occasional business deals, or they may be someone in line to become a full-fledged partner later on.

Additionally, venture partners tend to be experts in, or at least have a thorough understanding of, the ins and outs of the industries in which businesses operate. They also know how to develop favorable venture deals, though they don’t have the authority to approve said deals independently. 

In short, venture partners are the individuals who will determine whether or not your business or startup is worth investing in and will likely be the ones overseeing the investment of a venture capital firm into your company over an extended period. They’re especially likely to be involved in venture capital investments if your business is receiving capital from larger venture firms.

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Why Do Business Founders Need to Understand How Venture Partners Operate?

Two venture partners looking over a document.

As the founder of a startup or small business, you’ll need to educate yourself on venture partners’ various roles and responsibilities for a wide range of reasons. The first reason is that they will likely serve as your primary point of contact with any venture capital firm you end up working with. The second is that they will probably serve as your sponsor with said venture capital firm and will be crucial in determining whether you get funding and how much that will ultimately be.

There are some other essential considerations and risks to the situation that business owners would do well to keep in mind. Again, venture partners are not full-fledged partners who are guaranteed to stay with VC companies forever. They could remain in their position for more than a decade or only a few years, meaning that you may end up working with someone new at some point in the future. Because of this, you’ll need to assess how long your venture partner will probably stay in their position with their specific firm and remain on top of any changes that they might make to their position.

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If they decide to leave their current venture capital firm, get promoted to a full-fledged partner within the firm, or simply retire from the venture partnership role altogether, their business will have to start working with a new venture partner. It’s essential to contact your venture partner regularly and ask them to keep you apprised of their situation with the firm. If they decide to change jobs, retire, or receive a promotion, it can be helpful for them to introduce you to the new venture partner that will be taking over their position. 

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Venture Partners Are Key

Venture capital is a significant source of much-needed financing for many newly launched startups and growing businesses, which means that venture partners are just as important. If you want a chance of earning some quality venture capital for your business operations, then you need to learn as much as you can about the role venture partners play in the process and how you can convince them that your company is worth their time and money.

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