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11 Best Ways to Crowdfund Your Startup

Do you need help funding your startup business? Are you wondering if a crowdfunding platform is a smart way to inject capital into your new business? We list the best crowdfunding options for getting your startup business off the ground. SeedInvest SeBest For Attracting VCs and Angels SeedInvest’s goal is to help initial-stage startups find

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Understanding Convertible Debt

Convertible debt (also called a convertible note) is a way for businesses and startups to inject capital into their operations. It’s typically in the form of short-term loans that are repaid with cash, and the remainder is converted into equity. There are many financial and legal implications associated with convertible debt, so it’s crucial to

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A team of three venture capitalists.

Venture Capital: What It Is & How to Raise It

Developing your own business, launching a successful startup, or even growing a business after some level of early success can be a very challenging process, especially with the current state of the financial world. Every step of the business creation and growth process carries its complications and obstacles for people to overcome. Arguably the most

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A venture partner shaking hands with a startup founder.

Venture Partner: a Critical Piece to Your Startup

Suppose you’re looking into potential venture capital (VC) sources to help support your budding startup or growing business operations. In that case, you must understand what venture partners are and what role they will ultimately play in your future business operations. But what are venture partners? And how do they impact your process of earning

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Qualified Research Expenses (QRE): A Complete Guide

The Research & Development Tax Credit—or the R&D Tax Credit—is a federal credit that incentivizes, dollar-for-dollar, companies to improve existing processes and products or develop new ones. Any company that performs qualified research activities in the US can use this credit to offset its tax liability. Any expenses that qualify for this tax credit are

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Business Startup Costs & Tax Deductions

Startup expenses for businesses can be costly; however, there is good news — you can use many of these costs to help reduce your business taxes. In your first year of business, you can deduct some of your startup costs. And others, you can spread out over several years. While it can be complicated, we’ll

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R&D Tax Credit Guide

Filing taxes can be complicated enough for individuals. Still, the process becomes even more frustrating when you’re a business owner, especially a successful one that operates multiple departments within a complex industry. Thankfully, our experts at TaxRobot can ensure you get your business taxes done right the first time through our automated processes. Not only

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5 Best Startup Funding Sources in 2022

Starting a business is always an exciting adventure, but it can also bring about a lot of stress and frustration as you scramble and search for effective ways to get everything off the ground. And while that’s always been true, things have become even more difficult due to the global COVID-19 pandemic wreaking economic havoc

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How to Qualify and Claim the R&D Tax Credit

Broad statements rarely fit everyone, but we’ve never met anyone eager to pay more than what is required when it comes to paying taxes. That’s where tax credits come in handy. Like research and development, certain activities can qualify businesses or individuals to offset a portion of their tax liability, effectively paying less in taxes.

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R&D Credits & AMT: Here’s What to Know

For years, many businesses were prevented from getting the full benefits from their R&D tax credits, even though they engaged in qualified activities. The reason for this problem was the alternative minimum tax (AMT). However, due to the PATH Act, many eligible small businesses (ESBs) no longer face that burden. The PATH Act includes provisions

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Startups Can Get $250,000 From The IRS: Here’s How

Each year, the government provides over $12 billion in tax incentives to thousands of businesses all over the nation.  The R&D tax credit is one of the most lucrative tax incentives today. For the past forty years, it’s been helping businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax payments, and it can help yours

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R&D Credits for Software Companies: What to Know

Software companies transform business operations in numerous industries by creating products that fuel productivity and efficiency. In support of continued innovation, R&D tax credits are available to many organizations, providing substantial savings opportunities for a range of software companies. Many expenses that software companies incur through their research and development are eligible, including contractor development

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